Ivana Čuljak: The Nursing Home as a Fashion Archive, 2016

The US based The Fashion Studies Journal, is geared toward new fashion theories and practices. Since they expressed interest in the projects implemented by CIMO - Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing, they invited our associate and researcher Ivana Čuljak to present research work on the project Inventory of Fashion and Clothing: Economics and Cultural Anthropogy of Clothing for the Elderly which continued to be implemented in cooperation with the Trešnjevka Home for the Elderly in Zagreb.

The text on the work on the Fashion and Clothing Inventory project was published under the title: The Nursing Home as a Fashion Archive

The CIMO project Inventory of Fashion and Clothing: Economics and Cultural Anthropogy of Clothing for the Elderly, started in 2014, and which is still ongoing, focuses on the culture of fashion and clothing and clothing practices of the elderly as well as their attitude towards fashion and clothing in a Home for the Elderly in the situation of the aging process. The location and specific context of nursing homes make everyday clothing practices visible in the institution as a new social context. The project includes methods of individual conversations about fashion and clothing, attitudes and practices as well as questioning memories of personal clothing habits and fashion attitudes, own fashion style, which, in addition to storytelling, includes personal archives of photos and albums.

For older people, the decision to move to a new lifelong home and the fact of leaving their own home and current habits represent significant changes in personal life. As far as personal wardrobe is concerned, this requires thinking and decisions on the choice of clothes and accessories for living in new, different spatial and social conditions, and thus the need to reshape the individual economy.

Mainly based on storytelling, the project explores different personal stories focusing on personal memories and their transmission to the present time. Since most of the interlocutors lived during the socialist era in the former Yugoslavia (1945-1991), the project aims to conduct interviews and document individual fashion / clothing histories, clothing culture and everyday clothing practices in the socialist past, as well as to explore individual narrator attitudes. according to the current culture of fashion, body and aging.

Keywords: elderly people, clothing habits and needs, new clothing economy, memories, personal photographic fashion archive






* Fashion and Clothing Inventory: The Economy and Cultural Anthropology of Older Clothing - a project of the CIMO center started in 2014.

* The project is supported by the City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb, for 2014.

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* Photo: Tjaša Kalkan