About CIMO

CIMO - Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing is an association registered on August 30, 2013 in Zagreb.

CIMO center was founded on the initiative of A. T. Vladislavić, with the aim of researching the theoretical - scientific and creative aspects of fashion and clothing as part of contemporary visual culture.

Founders: Sonja Briski Uzelac, Mirna Cvitan Černelić, Vjera Bonifačić, Lidija Loborec Rezo

Researchers at the CIMO center: Lea Vene, Ivana Čuljak.



Prof. Tonči Vladislavić, university prof. retired (History of Art, History of Clothing and Fashion, Theory of Fashion, Design, Design of Fashion and Clothing, Textile Design, Applied Arts, Creative Industries);

Dr. sc. Sonja Briski Uzelac, university prof. retired (Art Theory, Art History, Sociology, Philosophy, Semiotics, Visual Communications, Design, Creative Industries);

Prof. Mirna Cvitan Černelić, university prof. retired (History of Art, History of Clothing and Fashion, History and Theory of Design, Textiles, Clothing);

Mr. Lidija Loborec Rezo (Design, Textile and Clothing Industry, Ergonomics, Protective Clothing, Standards, Regulations and Safety at Work);

Mr. Lea Vene (Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Art History, Fashion Theory, Women's Studies);

Mr. Ivana Čuljak (Fashion Design, Fashion Theory, Women's Studies, Ethnology, Museology).



Any domestic and foreign natural and legal person who accepts the goals of the CIMO center, in accordance with the Statute, strategy, mission and vision, whose activities include theoretical, scientific and creative work in design, visual arts, creative industries, fashion design, fashion theory, and other scientific and creative disciplines relevant to clothing culture (history and theory of art and design, fashion, ethnology, history, anthropology, sociology, feminist theories, queer theory, etc.).