Fashion in Zagreb in the 1960s, 2019

Miroslav Šutej, Antifashion, 1967

CIMO - Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing  in cooperation with the Zagreb City Museum (MGZ) organizes a series of lectures / talks within the exhibition Fashion and Clothing in Zagreb in the 1960s (which will be held from 26.02. - 19.05.2019., In the City Museum Zagreb).

During the exhibition, lectures proposed by the CIMO Center will follow the concept of the exhibition and cover topics related to the mechanisms of origin and development of fashion, various forms of distribution, new forms of consumption and representation of fashion in the 1960s. Through lectures / talks we will look at fashion phenomena created in this decade, the development of the textile industry and clothing, the work of craftsmen, the development of the fashion profession, fashion magazines, etc. Curators and authors of individual exhibitions will present their research and key aspects of fashion and clothing in the wider social and cultural space of the 1960s in the world and in our country.

Lecture schedule:

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Tonči Vladislavić, expert associate,

1960s Fashion: An Imaginary of the Modernist Style

 Miroslav Šutej, iz ciklusa crteža Antimoda,1967.


Miroslav Šutej, from the cycle of drawings by Antifashion, 1967.


Friday, May 10, 2019

dr. sc. Tihana Petrović Leš, full professor and Andrea Klobučar, senior curator:

Textile industry: 'bitter taste of fabric'


Tekstilna industrija, Tvornica konfekcije Vesna, 1960-ih

Textile industry, Tvornica konfekcije Vesna, 1960s


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Maja Arčabić, senior curator:

Zagreb clothing crafts in the 1960s


Zagrebački obrti, kolekcija modela, Pišta Salma, Zagreb, 1960-ih

 Zagreb Crafts, model collection, Pišta Salma, Zagreb, 1960s


Ivana Čuljak, expert associate:

Svijet (World) Magazine: Yugoslav Women's Review


 Časopis Svijet, 1966.

 World Magazine (Svijet), 1966


The lecture will be held in the lobby of the Museum of the City of Zagreb.


* CIMO - Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing, in cooperation with MGZ - Museum of the City of Zagreb, organized a series of public lectures during the exhibition Fashion in Zagreb in the 1960s (working title), in the period from April to June 2019.

* The project is supported by the City Office for Culture, Education and Sports of the City of Zagreb, for 2019.

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