Action strategies

The strategies of the Center for Research of Fashion and Clothing (CIMO) envisage free, independent, objective, ethical and scientific research and activities in the field of fashion and clothing culture as part of the visual culture; equally, research is conducted using scientific methodology, facts, benchmarks and the resulting conclusions;

Strategies for action include high criteria and with regard to the approach to the aspect of contemporary fashion and clothing, in access to sources, archives and documentation, both institutional and in moments of work with individuals and socially vulnerable groups, narrators, witnesses;

In research practice as well as in action, daily work and communication, internal and external, all forms of diversity will be respected;

Teamwork is nurtured accompanied by conversations, changes of opinion, information and setting short-term and long-term plans;

Access to a comprehensive strategy is nurtured without favoring projects or individuals in order to achieve a broad platform for action and develop community, trust and support;

Strategic action is focused on innovation in accordance with the basic goals of the CIMO Center, which has set its activities in a modern, open, organized way with the aim of humanizing all possible aspects of clothing culture as well as action to encourage originality and creativity;

Strategic action is aimed at achieving such excellence that becomes appropriate for all forms of presentation of results on the local and competitive world cultural scene.